What if we don’t have to “go big” to be great at what we do?

This limited-series podcast publication serves as a resource vault for small giants.

It is for people who don’t always know where to start, under-appreciated people snubbed as “not big enough,” or those who just want to make a bigger impact—without a massive following. 

We believe that you don’t have to be a big name to make a big impact.

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On quiet aces and small giants

Olympians and world-performers on how to train, what to eat, becoming a great leader, not thinking about negative thoughts, not caring about what others think, and staying focused

  • Inside the brain of a 3x Olympic world-record holder: what Olympic athletes eat, what she does to NOT care what others think, and what to do before a workout. Listen either on Apple or Spotify.

  • NHL Leadership trainer on speaking so others will listen, becoming a leader you wished you had, and mastering negative thoughts (Apple | Spotify).

  • A study of Michelin-starred moguls who started as lowly dishwashers: on training to not care about what others think, fighting negative thoughts, and focusing on non-pushy leadership (Apple | Spotify).

  • Losing weight fast safely: Man v. Sea, a 100 lbs lesson, surfing like a pro in Bali, and ways to realistically stay focused in the wild (Apple | Spotify).

  • Cognitive resilience: US 1st World Heritage Site winner and 2x Olympic coach on how not to think of negative thoughts, how to stay focused, & how not care about what others think (Apple | Spotify).

On growing impactful with little resources

What it takes to become a great leader, how to get respect without being a bully, and grow online without social media

  • Journey to NYT 30+ countries bestseller & 1 million audience: how to grow online without social media & the mistakes everyone needs to know (Apple | Spotify).

  • 5 shy people who changed the world: unseen ways they get respect without social media—the right way (Apple | Spotify).

  • Unexpected ways to grow a 30,000+ people community online without social media, becoming a great leader that gets respected—without being a bully (Apple | Spotify).

  • The secret to humble TOMS shoes’ success: social advocacy by online respect and leadership, and the real responsibility of social media (Apple | Spotify).

  • A study on the humble teacher that impacts 7M people: on growing online with social media—by quietly winning (Apple | Spotify).

On getting recognition when you have a small following

Getting recognition at work without having to fake it, being great at work as an introvert, and hidden ways to be confident at work.

  • Bypassing a 100,000s wait list, gracefully, in ONE day: the antidote to the "fake it til you make it" syndrome (Apple | Spotify).

  • Advocating yourself and achieving it on 1st try: British countryside expert on a 7-year lesson and getting recognition at work as an introvert (Apple | Spotify).

  • Writer of NBC’s Chicago Med: on Game of Thrones and top storytelling techniques that everyone needs to get recognized at work (Apple | Spotify).

  • Star Wars' voice-actor: Can you really do what you've always wanted--using just your voice? On not having to “fake it til you make it”, auditioning with Sean Penn, being great at work as an introvert (Apple | Spotify).

  • Getting recognized (and paid) for what you're worth: the uncommon 20+ year path a producer and son of immigrants took to break through into the Oscars, primetime Emmys, Grammys, Super Bowl half time, and Jeff Besos' Blue Origin launch (Apple | Spotify).

“Everyone is doing the same thing. Now what?”

What to do when you feel like everyone is ahead of you, if you feel behind at work, and if you feel like you should be doing something else

  • "It's too late. Everyone is already doing it. Now what?" | What to *really* do when you feel like everyone is ahead (Apple | Spotify).

  • Giving so much but not getting recognized? Member of Jordan's Queen Rania's initiative, TEDx speaker, and Global Summit speaker: on finding meaning when you’re behind at work (Apple | Spotify).

  • Barefoot in Vegas: Creating opportunities when everyone is ahead of you and getting rid of feeling like you should be doing something else (Apple | Spotify).

  • What to actually do when you feel like you should be doing something else: London-based restaurant designer on going up a most wanted waitlist (Apple | Spotify).

  • Winning with a 10-seconds exercise: A Game Theory study of Dr. Jim Rohn and Simon Sinek's framework on what's really happening when you feel like everyone is ahead (Apple | Spotify).

Hidden ways to earn a handsome income

Ways to make it and be independently successful as an unpopular outlier, introvert, airline pilot, artist, restaurateur, overlander, woman, movie maker, or hotel owner

  • The dishwasher turned co-founder of NOBU, Four Seasons, and Starwood Hotel: How to make it as a restaurant and hotel owner, without sacrificing time and freedom (Apple | Spotify).

  • Isn’t there another way to have meaningful success? Here’s how these unsung successes earned their first million (Apple | Spotify).

  • Unseen pitfalls to avoid before creating a new income stream: Impactful lessons from Brene Brown, road trip, and Amazon (Apple | Spotify).

  • From near death to earning millions: one woman's journey to meaningful success, and how you can do the same as a woman (Apple | Spotify).

  • What airline pilots really do at 30K feet, making $146M in the box office, and everything you need to be fulfilled yet profitable (Apple | Spotify).

  • Getting paid to do what you love: on earning from your favorite hobby, getting financial freedom, Adidas, overlanding, Rage Against the Machine, and becoming profitable from your talents. (Apple | Spotify).

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